Best. Birthday. Ever.


It’s like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, but with cereal.

Birthday party for them. Unlimited Froot Loops for you. It's a kids party for grown ups. 😉🎉


Semi-Exclusive - $1,000 (up to 24 guests)


  • 90-minute party

  • 500 sq-ft of space in our Nook, kitchen counter, and small party room

  • Unlimited cereal, toppings, and milk

  • Juice boxes and water pitchers

  • Treat House Rice Krispies Treat party favor

  • Paper goods and untensils

  • Kellogg's NYC ping pong table with paddles and balls

  • Kellogg's NYC board game selection

  • 65" TV with HDMI connection (in Ping Pong Room)

  • Dedicated staff

  • +$100: add 30 minutes

  • +$10/$15 for each additional child/adult (up to 36)

Exclusive - $1,500 (up to 40 guests)


  • 90-minute party

  • 5,000 sq-ft of space in the entire Kellogg's NYC Café including: ping pong table, three 65" TVs, board games, Instagram station, swings, and more!

  • Full Kellogg's NYC cereal wall experience including unlimited cereal, toppings, and milk

  • Juice boxes, La Croix, and water pitchers

  • Treat House Rice Krispies Treat party favor

  • Coffee & tea station for adults

  • Paper goods and untensils

  • Dedicated staff

  • +$500: add 30 minutes

  • +$20 for each additional guest (up to 100)

Available times: 10:30am - 12pm / 1pm - 2:30pm / 3:30pm or later. Reserve the Ping Pong Room only for up to 10 kids for $500, or the Nook only for up to 18 kids for $750 (+$50 add 30 minutes). See pages 8-10 of the full event packet for additional food and beverage options, or inquire about offerings from our preferred vendors. Prices subject to 8.875% New York State Sales Tax, Labor & Administrative Fees

Activities & Entertainment

Dylan’s Candy Bar

$30 per child

Kellogg’s Inspired Candy Craft (choose 1):

  • Candy sushi with Rice Krispies Treats

  • Candy jewelry with Froot Loops and more!

  • Dum Dum topiaries with Kellogg's-inspired Mod Podge

Dylan’s Candy Bar Favor (choose 1):

  • Whirly pop

  • Chocolate bar

  • Ask about personalized favors! Additional charges apply.


  • Dylan’s Candy Bar & Kellogg’s candy bingo board

  • Dylan’s Candy Bar balloons with candy balloon weights

  • Dylan’s selection of candy on tables

  • Candy centerpiece


  • Soda can candy favor (pre-filled) $12 each/$13.50 personalized

  • Paint can favor (pre-filled) $17 each/$18.50 personalized

  • Candy spree at Dylan’s Candy Bar Union Square with fillable paint can $20 per child / $21.50 personalized

Bricks 4 Kidz LEGO® Party


Bricks 4 Kids programs build on the universal popularity of LEGO® bricks to deliver a high quality educational experience. The timeless fun of LEGO® bricks is sure to be a fun party experience for boys and girls of all ages.

Bricks 4 Kidz® NYC Deluxe Party Package
$600 per 90 minutes for up to 15 children (+$15 for each additional child)

  • Party host and invitations

  • Lots of games and challenges

  • Free play time with LEGO® bricks

  • Mini-figure Factory (each child creates their own custom mini-figure to take home)

  • Bricks 4 Kidz t-shirt for Birthday Child (signed by all the kids, optional)

  • Duplo blocks for smaller children, if needed

Bricks 4 Kidz® NYC Premiere Party Package
$700 per 90 minutes for up to 20 children (+$20 for each additional child)

  • All the items in the Deluxe Party Package, play an additional host and Basic B4K goodie bag for each child (with B4K pencil, temporary tattoos, stickers, and assorted candies)

Glamsquad Beauty Services

$100/hour per beauty professional + 20% gratuity

  • Services include hair styling (waves, curls, straight, braids, buns or simple updos), makeup (builds on existing makeup or
    light makeup for kids), and nail services (polish changes or nail art)

  • Each event service takes approximately 20 minutes

  • Each beauty professional can accommodate three clients per hour

The Cheeky Chipmunk Face Painting & Balloons


  • Face painting for 90 minutes - $250 per 15 kids

  • Balloon twisting for 60 minutes - $200 per 15 kids

  • Custom balloon decor available on request

Additional face painters and balloon twisting artists may be hired to accommodate more children depending on your party size.

Ramblin' Dan & the Freewheelin' Band

Performance Options:
One man band: Ramblin’ Dan on Guitar - $310 (30 min) / $360 (45 min)
Two man band: Dan plus drummer or keyboardist - $450 (30 min) / $500 (45 min) 
Three man band: Dan plus drummer & keyboardist - $600 (30 min) / $650 (45 min)

Choose some of your songs! Musical instruments for all the kids & adults to jam along! Optional drums & keyboards available to kick your party into overdrive!

Little Maestros

Performance Options:
Basic Duo: Guitarist frontman, assistant vocalist - $450 (30 min) / $495 (45 min) 
Trio: Guitarist frontman, assistant female vocalist, keyboardist - $675 (45 min)
Full Band: Guitarist frontman, assistant female vocalist, keyboardist, drummer - $795 (45 min)

Music-themed party favor options available! Packages include instruments and animal puppets for every child to play with, a big parachute to dance under, Little Maestros’ famous bubbles and more! Music is a mix of original interactive songs, classic kids songs and then popular music all ages will love. Performers are all Broadway-level singers and musicians.

Party Add-ons & Favors






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