Kellogg's NYC has teamed up with the incredible Girl Scouts of Greater New York Troop 6000 for a first of its kind experience. Girl Scouts of Greater New York added Troop 6000 to its roster of groups in New York City in March 2017. Troop 6000 is unique from the other area troops: each of the members all live in homeless shelters making the Girl Scout cookie selling experience a challenge. Each year nearly one million Girl Scouts participate in the cookie program, with all of the net revenue raised – 100 percent of it – staying in the local area to power exciting programs and leadership experiences for girls ages 5 – 18. As cookie entrepreneurs, girls learn essential life skills like: goal setting, decision making and money management. In an effort to give Troop 6000 a true cookie selling experience, Kellogg’s NYC Café is hosting the troop Friday, April 13th from 4pm to 6pm and Saturday, April 14th from 2pm-4pm. We've also co.created these incredible bowls available through Sunday, April 15th during normal business hours, and the full proceeds will be donated to Troop 6000.  


Mint-a-li-cious goodness

Cocoa Krispies, Fresh Mint, White Chocolate Chips, Yellow Cake Mix, Thin Mints® Cookie


Tropical Taste

Froot Loops, Pineapple, Kiwi, Strawberries, Toffee, Toffee-tastic® Cookie


savannah sunshine

Frosted Mini-Wheats, Meringues, Lemon Curd, Lemon Zest, Savannah Smiles® Cookies


Special Troop 6K

Special K, Salted Caramel Sauce, Strawberries, Toasted Coconut, Coconut Whipped Cream, Samoas® Cookie



Rice Krispies, Raspberries Three Ways, Trefoils® Cookie



Frosted Flakes, Chocolate Chips, Chocolate Sauce, Graham Cracker Crumble, Brûléed Marshmallow, Girl Scout S’mores® Cookie