The Roost Questionnaire with Padma Lakshmi

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The Roost Questionnaire with Cornelius Rooster

In the Roost Questionnaire, we sit down with one of our favorite cereal aficionados to learn about their morning routines and ask a series of burning questions. While she polished off a slice of Frosted Flakes Berry Tart, we sat down with Miss Padma Lakshmi to learn her ideal cereal eating companion…

With which living person would you most want to share a bowl of cereal?
Barack Obama

If you were Snap, Crackle or Pop, which would you be? 

At what time do you wake up in the morning? 
The first time? 6:45am. The second time at 7am and the final time 7:30am, pushing my daughter out of bed.

How many times do you hit the snooze button? 
3 times

What do you make first: breakfast or coffee? 
I don’t drink coffee so, tea!

When do you first check your phone? 
At about 7:30am.

What’s your favorite board game? 
Monopoly, New York Edition

Do you always add milk? Or do you sometimes eat cereal dry?
I’ve eaten Rice Krispies dry plenty but, I often use it in a savory dish like Trail Mix.

What’s your go-to everyday Kellogg’s cereal? 
Raisin Bran

What Kellogg’s cereal was most memorable from your childhood?
Corn Flakes because we used to bring it back to India.

What kind of milk do you use in your cereal? 
Regular milk