The Roost Questionnaire with Tony the Tiger

Tony the Tiger.png

The Roost Questionnaire with Cornelius Rooster

In the Roost Questionnaire, we sit down with one of our favorite cereal aficionados to learn about their morning routines and ask a series of burning questions. For the one and only tiger, we changed the script. Hoping to learn about Tony the Tiger’s history, his upbringing, and his family, we customized the standard Roost Questionnaire. What we discovered is almost certain to surprise even those who have known Triple T for decades...

We know you’re a tiger. But what breed are we talking?
Panthera tigris.

How tall are you?
When I stand on my hind legs, I’m 6’2”.

We hear you’re a sports fan. What’s your favorite game?
Back in the early days, I played volleyball. I’ve been known to kayak in the summer. But I’m a football fanatic. I don’t know if you’ve noticed my trim figure, but it’s all thanks to the pigskin.